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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Recently, I was in that valley and had a tough week last week. As I was reading this God showed me something that I was doing that kept my attention on the problem instead of Him. I finally got the chance to sit down and reflect over the past week and everything that happened and God showed me so much.

I noticed that last week I was moving through the valley trying to find my OWN way out. It seemed that every corner I turned in the valley I was being attacked by the enemy so I would go in in a different direction. No matter the direction I went I was still in the valley being attacked and growing weary.

It says that even though I may be in the valley that God is with me, He will comfort me and prepare a table for me to take a seat and commune with Him. See, what’s true about this is that He is with us and He does prepare a table for us but the question is, how many times do we pass that table where He is waiting for us as we are trying to find our own way out of the valley?

He showed me that every corner I turned there He was with the table set for me to sit at and rest with Him. I have the choice whether to sit down or not. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If I needed to know the Way, it was found sitting at the table with Him.

God loves us and doesn’t force us to do anything. He promises to always be with us and He keeps His promises. His promises are forever. Even though the table is set and He promises to be with us, how many times do we make the choice to walk right past the table instead of choosing to take a seat? At the table, there are answers, love, intimacy, and if you’re tired take a drink.

Choose to let His presence in the valley catch your attention enough to stop you and take a seat. The table is set for His children. The only way out the valley is through it but it’s best when you choose to allow Jesus to lead You. He is our Shepherd and the Shepherd will never leave you in the darkness. Doesn’t matter what we feel or see, our hope should always be in His promises to us.

Help us to fix our eyes on You, Lord. Help us to see You even in the middle of the valley. Save us from ourselves thinking we know best and that we know the way. You know our thoughts before we think them. If we need to know the Way, it’s You! If we need the Truth, it’s You! If we need Life, it’s You! I praise You that we always have a seat at Your table. I praise You that You are our good Shepherd and You lead us to safety. I praise You that all fear leaves because Your presence is with us! In Jesus’ name! Amen!

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