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Is your church interested in having the Stepping Out Team bring the Stepping Out Interactive Conference to your city?


Opening night:

Second day:
Starts 9am
- Worship
-Session 1:
Interactive teaching on the prophetic and words of knowledge. This session stirs people up and gives them more confidence as they get clarity on these gifts and see how simple it is to use the God given gifts to minister to people daily. 
-Session 2:
Teaching and testimonials of praying for the sick. Understanding the authority Christ gave us and how simple it is to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. Testimonies that will stir the faith of those in attendance. 
Lunch and City outreach 
Testimonies from our outreach time. 
-Session 3:
What does love look like? God IS Love. When we love on people even in the simplest ways we are giving them the Gospel. 
-Session 4:
the simplicity of leading people to Christ. 
-Session 5:
-Q&A session with stepping out team. This is a great opportunity for people to get encouragement and answers from our team members who share the gospel regularly in their own jobs, families and marketplace. 
-Treasure Hunt instructions..learn how to be lead by Holy Spirit on who and what to pray for in advance. 
-Dinner and treasure hunt
-Worship gathering

Third day:
-Corporate prayer for our cities, family, church
-Prayer/worship walk around the city
-Lunch/outreach activation
-Worship/final message

*please note schedule is subject to change due to specific requests of hosts or weather conditions, etc.