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We are a faith-based nonprofit ministry. This means all of our support comes through those that give to our ministry as they feel led by the Lord and everything we do is by faith. We desire to be a blessing to other ministries/churches and help strengthen the church to live a lifestyle of evangelism which is what we are ALL called to do. We treat each trip as a mission trip which means that every team member that comes raises their funds and comes with a heart to serve with a heart of excellence. In return, we ask a few things from those hosting this event. 


  1. There is a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit. This helps cover minor expenses on our end to help you put on this event. This is nonrefundable for several reasons. If the event were canceled for any reason and not rescheduled we lose out on time and material already invested in the event. This deposit also helps bring down the costs for us to come as a team since this is the ONLY thing we charge. This deposit is required the moment we agree on dates and lock those dates in. 

  2. Direct communication with the person overseeing the event. 

  3. The ministry hosting the event will provide the facility and the means to make the event possible. This would include but not limited to: Sound, lights, possible video, chairs, tables, and laborers to run all of this. 

  4. The ministry hosting the event will try to provide a worship team and if they don't have one we can see what we can do. 

  5. This is not mandatory but if possible host homes provided. This is a huge help to us keeping costs down but we also understand that not every ministry can do this. We usually come with a team of anywhere from 5-8 people. 

  6. Willing to take love offering during the evening sessions. These funds go directly into the ministry and help us in future conferences and mission trips we do. 

  7. The ministries hosting the event will take care of all their expenses to promote the event in their area. There are a few things Stepping Out will provide to help. 

  8. We highly suggest the hosting ministry to charge a small fee for those participating in the event. The suggested cost to be $25.00. This money goes directly to the ministry hosting NOT to Stepping Out. We have found this gets people more committed as they now have something invested in it. You might even offer scholarships to those that can't afford it but show a high interest in coming. 

  9. We strongly suggest that every ministry/church participating has something set up at their church to continue with the efforts of equipping and sending people after they have gone through our conference. Maybe regular training and/or regular opportunities for community outreach. We also suggest a follow-up program for those that receive Christ during our outreach. 

  10. We would like the opportunity to sell some of our resources (Shirts/books/armbands) if possible. 

  11. We do not have a required amount of people to sign up for the conference but we do suggest a minimum of 25. We suggest inviting other churches and ministry leaders. Remember we are doing community outreach and what a great opportunity for the body of Christ to come together and reach the community.   


Stepping Outs commitment:


We are committed to adhering to the vision of the ministry hosting the event.

We come with a heart to serve and it is our desire to serve the local churches and Pastors of the community with a heart of excellence.  

We will provide a flyer and send it to the ministry of which they can print out and use it for advertising. 

We can and will provide a video for promotional purposes.

We will provide files for the hosting ministry to have banners and any other promotional stuff printed. 

Stepping Out ministries and each team member will provide all their own expenses to come and serve. This includes but not limited to flights, transportation, lodging, meals, etc. 

We are committed to providing references from other ministries that have hosted us if requested. 

We are committed to pray and fast for your ministry, your city, and the event. 

We are committed to our own local church and committed to keeping ourselves under proper covering as God uses us and this ministry worldwide.


What's unique about our conferences is that they are interactive. Those that participate will have an opportunity to apply what they are learning during the teaching sessions and they will be sent out 3 different times to do city outreach.

Opening night:


Second day:
Usually Starts 9am
- Worship

-Session 1: What’s love got to do with it? Talk about the call to love people to Jesus and how that looks different in so many ways. Talk about when we use the gifts God gives us they must happen in love. Share testimonials. 

-Session 2: Hearing from God for others. This a very fun and rewarding session as we take a lot of time teaching on the prophetic and words of knowledge. People will participate in several different activations and walk away with more confidence than ever on hearing from God for themselves and for those around them!

Lunch and city outreach


-Session 3: The simplicity of praying for the sick. People love this session as they see clearly in scripture how easy it is to pray for the sick and hear testimonials to encourage them. 

-Session 4: Leading people to Christ and the importance of discipleship

-Session 5: Q&A session with our team

Dinner and city outreach.

Evening session includes testimonials/worship/healing service. Usually goes from 7:00-9:00pm


Third day:

Starts at 9:30am


Corporate prayer for our cities, family and church

Prayer and worship walk around the city

Lunch and city outreach


Final closing/prayer/impartation


*Please note the schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions and also to the ministry hosting the event’s convenience. Typically the conference is Thursday night, Friday all day and part of Saturday. We are also available to minister in churches on Sunday and that is optional. We usually will stay and attend church while we are there for relationship purposes anyways. Again, we adjust this schedule according to culture and requests from those hosting the event. Each participant is responsible for their own meals during the event unless the ministry hosting decides to provide. 

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