As a Christian we should have the same heart as Jesus, and His heart is for people. Since I came to a personal relationship with Christ I have had that passion. Through out the years that passion has increased steadily and I knew there was a call on my life to impart that passion to others and send them to fulfill the Lord's commission. Years ago I began praying for God to allow me to cross paths with others who share that same passion. The passion to do, equip and send!

I remember a day in 2006 when I heard God say to me very clearly, “Tim, it's time to step out of the boat, and when you do others will follow.” My life has looked so different since that day. I have had the privilege to work alongside many different ministries and provide outreach with people from all over the world.

Eventually I would receive a word from the Lord in which He began to give me the schedule for a conference. Not just any conference, but one where people would be given hands on training in developing their spiritual gifts and use them to evangelize with the love of Christ. These conferences would come to be called "Stepping Out" and people would have an opportunity to not only encounter God in incredible ways but also encounter their city using what they have learned.


Stepping Out has now developed into a ministry that desires to see the body of Christ stirred up in a way that encourages it to use those gifts to make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to come along side churches and partner with them to help ignite that passion in the body of Christ so in order to have maximum impact on their church/city/nation.

Stepping Out Ministries is designed to equip people to step out of their comfort zone into a supernatural lifestyle that will transform them, their families, churches and cities for Jesus Christ. Through the execution of conferences, training seminars, motivational speaking and interactive sessions people are provided the tools needed to receive a better understanding of their authority as a believer to lay hands on the sick and reveal God’s healing power. Our conferences encourage believers to seek God like never before as they learn how to walk prophetically and use the gifts God has given them to engage their cities/nations and impact them wherever they are at.

- Tim Sevarino

Tim Sevarino

Founder of

Stepping Out Ministries.

Tim is available for speaking engagements as well. Please contact us for availability.

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